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Services - Education

For over 2 decades, Prairie Company has worked to ensure our PK-12 customers get the most for their dollars spent on technology.  We know how easy it is to be wowed by slick full page magazine ads and salesmen pushing “the latest and greatest” technology.  Without a PLAN in place outlining how this “great” “new” “fabulous” “end all” software or device will be integrated into the curriculum, the purchase IS doomed to fail, and in the case of equipment, pushed into a closet or storeroom never to be used again.  We understand how important each dollar is and can offer guidance in determining if the purchase is right for your District.  Our pricing is EXTREMELY competitive for the decades of knowledge and experience in this market.  If you are not getting the service you and your Patrons deserve, call us for a free no obligation consultation.

Other important services include –

Workstation lockdown, tracking, and logging user activity

Hardware and software maintenance

Software support with 3rd party vendors

Administrative support

Printer installation and planning

Network planning and cabling referrals

Wireless planning and installation

Windows server purchasing, installation, and maintenance

Data backup services

Disaster testing and recovery

Remote access break/fix, Server and Workstation