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Springfield, Colorado

Services - Home Users

If you are looking to get the best performance from your new computer or your old computer friend needs a cleanup, you have come to the right place.  We use tried and true methods to keep you safe and secure* on the internet.  We suggest solutions that are straight forward, honest, and cost effective to secure your data and give you piece of mind.

Sample costs-

Simple malware cleanup and optimization - $75.00

Reload your computer to factory, update and optimize - $150.00

Unpack your new computer, setup, personalize, update and optimize - $100-$125

Additional services, (setup or cleanup is included)

Transfer data from your old computer to your new computer - $150.00

Transfer data, install and update up to 2 programs - $150.00  Additional applications - $25.00 each.

Private consultation for Enthusiasts - “Build the Box” Program.  I can help you determine the best parts for your price range.  You will buy the parts and I will provide guidance and help in building and loading your new machine.  Call for more details. - $300.00

Malwarebytes Premium - $25.00

*There IS NO SUCH THING AS SECURITY!  If you insist on indulging in dangerous activities, (pirating music, movies, or software, surfing porn, etc), all we can do is suggest you purchase an additional machine that can be restored to factory when it is no longer usable.  It is advisable to keep one machine you can depend on to do your everyday tasks and one machine that can be used for activities such as these.